Hidden Art Nouveau treasures in Budapest

2014. 02. 02. 09:10:59

I have always admired Art Nouveau architecture, ornaments or furniture. I am simply impressed by the style. My very first experience with Art Nouveau took place in Barcelona.

I loved the works of Antoni Gaudi like the Sagrada Familia, Güell Park, Casa Batlló and Casa Milá. I had never realized before that we Hungarians have such wonders too. After settling down in Budapest, I began to explore that our capital city has just as many Art Nouveau treasures as Barcelona. Budapest is a living museum for the colorful Art Nouveau style in architecture and design. A prominent figure here is Ödön Lechner, who was responsible to build such gorgeous public works as the Geographical Institute or Postal Savings Bank. Along with those masterpieces we have other stunning designs in downtown like the Gresham Palace Four Seasons, Gellért and Zara hotels.

Then I have recently discovered that Kőbánya – suburban area – has well kept secrets too.

The main church over there, St. László church,  is well known and attracts many locals and tourists alike. Walking around in Kőbánya took me back to the XIX. century. I had never thought I would stumble on such a marvellous pieces of Art Nouveau architecture. Beside the St. László church and the local synagouge, I have explored many villas. In those times wealthy families lived around the neighborhood. Schöntheil Richárd was the local master of Art Nouveau architecture. Magnificent Art Nouveau villas with delightful ornaments were born for the Hungarian aristocrats. Nowadays it is hard to believe that entire area used to look like this particular piece of Kőbánya. However, some of the buildings, even today, are still there and tell their story if we let them.

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