The Invisible Bridge

2014. 01. 21. 16:48:15

(New York Times’ 100 best books of 2010.)

Let me recommend a brilliant book, written by Julie Orringer, american author who has hungarian roots too. She has chosen Paris and Budapest as backdrops to her debut novel, The Invisible Bridge.

The story is centered around Andras Lévi, a young hungarian jewish man. He is a promising student of architecture who leaves Hungary to study in Paris in the late 1930s. There he meets and totally falls in love with the talented ballet dancer and teacher, Klara Morgenstern. Two years later he loses his scholarship, the war and anti-Semitism lands Andras and Klara back in Hungary. After returning, Andras has to go to a labor unit and he experiences the dark hours of hunger, thirst and deprivation.

The book is absolutely stunning and deeply moving filled with great sense of humor. It can be clearly seen through the fate of the Lévi family how war can effect individuals indiscriminately and how it changes dreams. 

Meanwhile reading it I had the feeling that Julie Orringer has personal touch to Hungary and she feels herself at home in here. She moves very comfortable around the Opera, City Park, Andrassy Boulevard, even the small  streets of Budapest.

It was impossible to put it down. It definately gained to be my favorite book. 


Zsofi Csortos

Zsofi Csortos

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