Tokaj wine region

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After the busy summer I thought it would be nice to leave the capital for a few days and get some fresh air in the Hungarian countryside. This time we chose to visit Tokaj wine region.

It is known throughout the world because the special local wine is produced here.

Vineyards have been cultivated here for many centuries. The environmental and climatic conditions are favourable. The autumn is usually long and dry with plenty of sunshine. We just got here in late October when autumn welcomed Indian summer. This is exactly the time when harvest starts at Tokaj.

The fermentation process is slow and it can take up to eight years for Tokaj wine to mature, after which it can be stored for hundreds of years. The result is quite unique, neither a traditional red nor white but topaz-colored wine. An impressive range of different types and styles of wines are produced in the region, ranging from dry whites to the Eszencia, the world's sweetest wine.

During our stay we went to visit number of wineries. There are now almost 600 wineries in the region. I truly enjoyed the hospitality of the small ones, the family businesses. Beside tasting their wines it was great to talk to the wine-growers who shared many interesting stories with us.

There are number of small, charming towns and villages around the wine region.

We stayed in town of Tokaj  where is hard to find anything not related to the grape. With just over 5000 residents it has an intimate feel. Meanwhile wandering around on narrow streets and lanes we made stops at small bottle shops and wine stores, bars and tasting cellars.

Vizsoly: location of the first printing of Bible in Hungarian. A copy is kept on permanent display in the Hungarian village.

Satoraljaujhely: The town was once home to Hungary's second-largest Jewish community. Today it is a place of jewish pilgrimage. In the jewish cemetery is the grave of the „miraculous rabbi”, Moses Titelbaum. 

Mad: small, old market town with one of the oldest standing synagogues in Hungary. This wonderful architectural piece situated on top of a hill overlooking the majestic vineyards of the Tokaj region.


Travelling in between those places we saw incredible landscapes.

We have been home from our short visit for 3 months now. We came back with such a rich wine experiences! I still keep on thinking the the phantastic time we spent there. Tokaj is in my heart.



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Zsofi Csortos

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