Wekerle estate

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If you feel like avoiding the noisy city, I would recommend you to visit Wekerle estate. This is a uniqe place to walk around in Budapest. Like a little village hiding within the city. It has a special character. Vividly coloured houses, wooden gables and balconies, steep roofs with colorful tiles are typical here.

Wekerle estate was born in the 19 century, when Budapest has grown, factories developed more and more. Many people moved to the capital city and settled down. Most of these people were coming from small towns and villages, and didn’t feel comfortable in a big, crowded city without greenery and fresh air. Thus, the government had housing projects based on the „garden city movement”.

1007 houses were built. One-storey buildings were placed along smaller streets, two-storey apartment houses lined wider ones. Now it forms "spider web" street layout, centered on a round square with a large park in the middle. The whole neighbourhood was planned by young architects in the Hungarian vernacular Art Nouveau style. They gathered their material in rural areas and their inspiration from medieval peasant architecture.

On the top of it fifty thousand trees were planted, mainly along the spacious avenues. The estate had its own gardening service, who not only took care of the many plants, flowers and trees of the community, but also helped renters to groom their own gardens as well. Four fruit trees were planted for each apartment. Like this, the neighborhood provided affordable housing to working class families in green, open and familiar setting. This rural atmosphere has been preserved until today.

This now classic garden suburb is definitely not on the tourist route, although it could be.

Let’s choose a sunny afternoon, walk around it’s streets and simply enjoy the peaceful athmosphere. If you are feeling hungry, don’t hesitate too much, have a seat in the cozy restaurant on the main square. For dessert walk across the park, seek out the special confectionery and pamper yourself with some delicious goodies.


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Zsofi Csortos

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