Buso walking

2014. 02. 02. 10:05:25

Will you visit Hungary in winter?

I have something special to show you.

Especially if you are in a Carnival mood.

Let’s visit Mohacs, a small town in south of Hungary and enjoy the Festival called „Buso walking”. Celebrate with the locals and have fun on this great happening. 

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Tokaj wine region

2014. 02. 02. 10:16:08

After the busy summer I thought it would be nice to leave the capital for a few days and get some fresh air in the Hungarian countryside. This time we chose to visit Tokaj wine region.

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Wekerle estate

2014. 02. 02. 09:15:25

If you feel like avoiding the noisy city, I would recommend you to visit Wekerle estate. This is a uniqe place to walk around in Budapest. Like a little village hiding within the city. It has a special character. Vividly coloured houses, wooden gables and balconies, steep roofs with colorful tiles are typical here.

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Hidden Art Nouveau treasures in Budapest

2014. 02. 02. 09:10:59

I have always admired Art Nouveau architecture, ornaments or furniture. I am simply impressed by the style. My very first experience with Art Nouveau took place in Barcelona.

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The Invisible Bridge

2014. 01. 21. 16:48:15

(New York Times’ 100 best books of 2010.)

Let me recommend a brilliant book, written by Julie Orringer, american author who has hungarian roots too. She has chosen Paris and Budapest as backdrops to her debut novel, The Invisible Bridge.

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Zsofi Csortos

Zsofi Csortos

Your private guide in Budapest, Hungary