Danube Bend

( Full day tour )


If you would like to be away a bit from the big capital, then come along with me to see the fascinating Danube Bend. During this tour you will see the natural beauty of the Hungarian countryside and discover some charming historical towns. Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre.

In the morning we will take a drive through the Pilis mountains to reach Esztergom. The town is a headquarter of Roman Catholic religion. We will visit the largest Roman Catholic Cathedral in Hungary, the St. Stephen’s Basilica as well Cardinal Mindszenthy’s burial place.

We will continue the tour along the river Danube and stop at Visegrád, where we will make our way up to the hill, to see the fortification dates back to 14th century. On the mean time we will enjoy the most spectacular panoramic view on the Danube valley.

On the way back we stop in the artist’s village of Szentendre. It has Mediterranean ambience with its colorful houses, narrow streets, cobblestones, alleys. There are many museums and galleries. One the most popular exhibition there is the ceramic one of Margit Kovács.

Before returning to Budapest you may look around a bit in its shops, where they offer a variety of beautiful hand made laces and embroideries. 



Zsofi Csortos

Zsofi Csortos

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