Gödöllő Royal Palace

( Half day tour )


The town of Gödöllő is situated in the northern part of Hungary, about 30 kilometres from Budapest. The Royal Palace of Gödöllő is one of the most important, largest monuments of Hungarian Baroque Palace architecture.

In 1867, when the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy was born, Emperor Franz Joseph was crowned as a Hungarian king. The Palace of Gödöllő was gifted to Franz Joseph I. and Queen Elisabeth Sissi as a coronation present. Sissi formed a very strong attachment to the Palace. It became her favourite summer residence.The interior visit in the beautifully renovated Palace will bring you closer to the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the royal couple’s every day life.  

The Gödöllő tour can be combined with the visit of Domonyvölgy. In the picturesque valley is an Equestrian Park, which belongs to the world champion Lázár brothers. There is colorful show, demonstration of our rich equestrian culture.



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Zsofi Csortos

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