Jewish Budapest

( 3 hours walking )

A walk around the old Jewish Quarter embraces the extraordinary rich and fascinating, 150 years of Hungarian Jewish history. 
The area is also called as "Jewish triangle” as three large synagogues, the neolog "Dohány”(the world's second largest synagogue), the status quo "Rumbach” and the ortodox "Kazinczy” are symbolizing the three major religious wings in the history of Hungarian Jewry. Beside visiting the three synagogues we will see the Jewish Museum, Jewish Cemetery and the Raul Wallenberg Memorial Garden. I will explain about  the horror of the nazi occupation, the deportations and the liberation of the ghetto. 

The jewish walking tour can be extended with visiting a residential neighborhood, where many of the "protected houses" took place during second World War. We will visit the Glass House, which gave a shelter for 3000 persecuted jews- Then take a drive to the Shoes Memorial, from where we will continue the tour to the Holocaust Museum and Documentation Center.
Zsofi Csortos

Zsofi Csortos

Your private guide in Budapest, Hungary


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