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If you would like to have a pleasant stroll in a charming Baroque town, Szentendre is a great place to go to.

It is located along the river Danube, 20 km north of Budapest. In the 18th century it used to be the center of the Serbs in Hungary, therefore it has a Mediterranean feel with its colorful houses, narrow and winding streets, cobblestones, alleys. In the 1920’s artists moved there and it became a home for arts, museums and galleries.

One the most popular exhibition there is the ceramic one of Margit Kovács. She was an extremly talented, well respected, occupied artist. Her popularity is proved by her numerous exhibitions in Hungary as well as abroad.

Szentendre is always a good place to have a bite or a nice lunch. We can take a seat in one of its warm cafe’s or restaurants.

The town is also home for the largest open-air Village Museum in Hungary. The museum -called Skanzen- displays folk architecture, interior decoration, farming and way of lifes.

( The visit is optional. )



Zsofi Csortos

Zsofi Csortos

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